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With the help of local energy efficiency business Kast Energy, we’ve installed a photovoltaic solar scheme at our head office. This generates double the electricity that we use each year, saving about 10.8 tons of CO2 and approximately £9000 annually. Our excess electricity goes back into the National Grid, so our overall positive impact and carbon savings will be significant, plus it will support more electric vehicle charging, too.



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Reducing Cardboard Use

carboard boxesBased on customer feedback, we’ve made improvements to the way we package knitwear orders. We now strap boxes together with recycled plastic strapping, instead of placing 2-5 smaller boxes together in large or extra-large cartons. Not only does this help us to be more cost-efficient, we’re doing our bit to reduce cardboard and help the planet.


Of course, this is just the beginning. We have ambitious plans to improve in everything we do, and as a Certified B Corp, our big ambition is to do whatever we can to be a force for good. Sustainability means acting responsibly today for the benefit of people and the planet today, so we don’t squander our future.

Rowlinson is a B Corp!

Since our humble beginnings in 1935, we’ve tried our best to do business the right way. Becoming employee owned in 2015 was an important step in the right direction towards improving our business, and being a great company to work with, for colleagues and our customers. Often doing the right thing wasn’t easy but we never gave up or compromised our values. That’s why we are where we are today: prouder than we’ve ever been of what we stand for.

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sustainability championsIn August 2020, following a rigorous verification process, we became a Certified B Corp. B Corps are a growing community of businesses across the world who, like us, believe in doing business the right way. We’ve always been kind to people and the planet, but now we’re a B Corp it means we’re part of something bigger. With us all working together towards the same goals, we can have a much bigger impact and we’re excited about all the things we plan to do as part of the B Corp community.


Now that we’re a B Corp, we’ll continue doing business responsibly and inspiring others to follow our example, just as we’ve always done. We want to use business as a force for good, not greed. We need to prosper, but we don’t want to do it at the expense of others or the planet.


It’s a big job, but it’s a very important one, and we really want to inspire other businesses to get involved too. So what’s our next step? We will use our business in ways that have a positive impact for our colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Ultimately, we want to play a part in shaping a more caring and fairer economy for everyone. Find out how you can get stuck in and help businesses like us here.

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People Matter

We’re really proud of all that we have achieved as a business so far. We may not be a big business, but we have big ambitions to continue improving everything we do. The success we hope to achieve is dependent on the people we work with – colleagues, customers, suppliers, and others that are helping us on our journey to be a force for good.

We care deeply about how we do business. In fact, as B Corp, we’re legally obliged to carefully consider how our decisions affect people and the planet, giving both as much importance as our responsibility to be a successful business.

We work closely with our overseas suppliers, ensuring that high ethical standards are met and the people who make our garments work in safe factories. We’re helping to transform the lives of our overseas workers through initiatives that include gifting water filter machine systems to provide access to safe drinking water, conducting UK standard health and safety inspections in the factories, providing female reproduction health education services and free sanitary products, and helping suppliers to build better facilities for workers and their families. As a full member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) we uphold the ETI Base Code, and we’re also striving to achieve greater transparency in our supply chain.

Demonstrating care in meaningful ways is one of our core values and is central to us as an employee-owned Certified B Corp. We work hard to be a truly caring business to work for, benchmarking ourselves against other organisations and many of the most stringent independent UK accreditations. We’ve been an accredited Living Wage employer since 2018, and became one of the first members of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter in 2019, underlining our commitment to care for all our people. In 2019, we were ranked 19th UK Best Workplace and 5th Best Workplace for Women™ by Great Places To Work™, confirming our commitment to become a high trust, high performing workplace.
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Rowlinson has been a responsible business for a long time. True to our values of trust, care and be better, we’re proud to have achieved so much. From manufacturing safe, high quality clothing, showing kindness to colleagues and overseas workers, or reducing our environmental impact, we care deeply about the impact of our decisions. However, we know there is much more to do.

We are dedicated to evolving ethical and modern day slavery governance throughout our supply chain. In our first year operating within the scope of our Modern Day Slavery Statement (2021), senior colleagues undertook comprehensive training on modern day slavery and effective due diligence work. In this second year, we have set out a detailed plan of action to help us improve our understanding of our supply chain. It matters deeply to us that we achieve greater transparency, so that we can take appropriate and decisive action to mitigate the risks of modern day slavery in our supply chain.

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Our commitment to people and planet

It feels good to do the best right thing – for people and for the planet.

Rowlinson has been committed to being an ethical business for a long time.

We’re extremely proud to have achieved so much that is not only good business practice, but which is the best right thing to do. Whether we’re working with our trusted overseas suppliers to develop safe, high quality garments, focusing on being an exceptionally caring employer, or finding ways to reduce our environmental impact, we care deeply about our actions.

But we know there is so much more we can do to be better – and we’re not standing still. We believe that our ethics help our products and services to be the best in the market – because everything we do to produce them is guided by our values and our goal of being a great company to work with and for.

True to our values of trust, care and be better, we strive to behave ethically in everything we do, ensuring we act responsibly for people and our planet.

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What we do now, and in the next few years, will profoundly affect the next few thousand years.
Sir David Attenborough

We believe that it is important to adopt a transparent and ethical approach to business.

We do not supply directly to the public or to schools or shops within schools. We support the specialist retailers who stock our products. We only use factories which are fully compliant with all health, safety and child/labour regulations and we care about the products and services that we offer to our customers.

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